We are Will and Ginny of Chattanooga, TN. We have the great privilege of keeping bees in this beautiful scenic city we call home. 2018 marks our 7th year having bees in this area. Fly by Day Honey, LLC is a non-migratory apiary that's very passionate about ensuring bees remain strong and healthy.  

As natural approach beekeepers, our top priority is providing an environment closely related to feral colonies, which we believe is the key component in thriving bees. Despite keeping bees in stacked wooden boxes with movable compartments- we do not medicate our bees, provide artificial feeding or use pesticides in our landscape. We use foundation-less frames (holds wax honeycomb where nectar, honey, brood, & pollen are stored) which simply means the bees choose what size cells they want to draw out, therefore avoiding the possible exposure to contaminated man-processed wax (foundation). We specialize in removing and relocating honey bee colonies from unwanted locations where they are provided with another chance for survival.

We minimally filter our honey, therefore only removing large chunks of wax. So the honey still contains all the beneficial properties such as pollen, natural enzymes and small wax particles. You can feel confident that the product you are consuming is true honest honey